Digital Marketing Courses Digiperform Kaushambi How to Choose?


When it comes to Digital Marketing training in Delhi, Digiperform Kaushambi sets the highest standards for any other institute to look up to. We are the leading trainers of web promotions in the Delhi-NCR region and our dedication is to produce more professionals out of our training centers. We provide different courses which help young students to achieve proficiency in different fields of online marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing Courses Digiperform Kaushambi and What You Should Choose:

Here we explain the different courses offered by us and who should take these courses.

  1. Google AdWords Certification Program (GACP): This program by Digiperform Kaushambi prepares the students for the Google AdWords Certification exam. The certification is given to the individuals who show proficiency in the application of Google AdWords. So, if you are looking for a certification in AdWords, this is the course for you.


  1. Digital Marketing Certification Course (DMCC): Our DMCC program is another certification course that can help students understand technicalities of Digital Marketing. The course will aid students into becoming future leaders of web promotions. Choose this course if you wish to specialize in digital marketing.


  1. Social Media Marketing Course (SMMC): The SMMC will help students to specialize in another key aspect of marketing which is Social Media Marketing. With time, the users and importance of social media have grown and at Digiperform Kaushambi, we aim to impart this important knowledge in the skillset of our students. Students who wish to become a specialist in the social marketing should opt for this course.


  1. Search Engine Optimization Course (SEOC): Optimizing websites for better ranking among different results on search engines is a usual demand by the companies for the websites. The SEOC course by Digiperform Kaushambi teaches this necessary expertise to the young professionals.


  1. Google Analytics Certification Course (GACC): The course is designed especially for the individuals who are looking to develop a skill in Google Analytics.
    1. Google Analytics for Beginners: The basic introduction of Google Analytics for beginners.
    2. Advanced Google Analytics: Advanced training in Google Analytics required at the professional level.

The Digiperform Certified Digital Marketing Executive Training and Digiperform Certified Digital Marketing Consultant Training are the two other courses offered by us that cover Digital Marketing in a 360-degree manner.

Reasons to Choose Us

We do not just end here. We offer a unique Learning Management System for our students to help them learn on the go. We have thoroughly prepared modules for our students so that they can get the training in digital marketing with the utmost ease in understanding.

One common worry of the students after doing a course is where to get a job from. With Digiperform Kaushambi, you can forget all your worries as we provide the placement support after training. We are associated with the top companies in the country and we can help you get placed with them with our training. Join us and get Digital Marketing Courses Digiperform Kaushambi today and explore the world of Digital Marketing with the experts.

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