Need of SEO for Small Businesses in India

What is Search Engine Optimization?
If someone has a website, searches matter for them. If their website has higher ranking then more 
people will find them. The key to higher ranking is making sure that their website has the
ingredient that search engine needs for their recipes, this is called SEARCH ENGINE 

seo for small business

Why SEO is important in internet marketing?

Reasons to optimise your site for search engine
  • Visibility: - the higher your website went on Google, greater the flow of traffic. Statistics 
  • shows only 26% of users click on the 2 nd page of Google search.
  • Cost:- with SEO there is no charge involved when the user click on to your website on the other hand every time when the user click on to your page you were Google charged some amount of money to you. SEO is the no. 1 source of leads, SEO provides more leads from business to consumer & business to business marketing include PPC(pay per clickc & social media marketing.
  • Traffic: - statistics show that 25% of hike in your profit is cause of pay per click.
  • User friendly: - SEO can lead in a better usability, browser compatibility, accessibility which relates to brand awareness & high convention rights.
  • Profitable:- currently SEO is consider one of the most profitable platform in marketing.

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Importance of SEO for small business in India

Online advertising may be a good option but still costly because ‘clicks’ or ‘goals’ may not get converted to business all the time.
According to Google zeitgeist 2012 1.2 trillion searches were counted by Google. This shows that habit searching is increasing. So search engines do influence your business.
Search Engine Optimization can only make your website on top of search results. A SEO expert optimizes your website & makes it both search engine & user friendly. Being Google the king of search engines, the chance of getting high profit is through Google. SEO helps to craft your business.

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