4 Effective Ways to Promote your Product Online

You’ve created your stunning website, now what?

Nobody will going to reach to your product until you will market or promote your product online. So In this blog I will tell you some of the most effective, inexpensive and free ways to promote your product and business online.

1. SEO SEO stands Search Engine Optimization, it is a free or organic marketing technique. And it remains the top marketing channel in 2017 to promote your business online but its long term marketing strategy. The best thing is that its 100% free. So, you don’t have to pay for branding, leads, and targeted traffic.

2. PPC Pay-per-click (PPC) is also known as cost per click (CPC), is an online advertising model used to generate traffic and leads for the businesses. The best advantage to use PPC advertising model is that you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ads.

3. Social Media Marketing - Everyone is now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, reddit and on many more social sites. Social media marketing is one of the easy and quickest way to reach out more targeted people. You can promote your product and business on different social media platforms to generate traffic, leads and visibility on absolutely free.

4. Email Marketing To acquire customer is not an easy task. Email Marketing is the second best way for customer acquisitions after SEO. And while ranking in search engines and getting organic traffic can take a while on the other hand email starts to work right away. That is the reason you should start sending Email to relevant database to get more leads and sales.

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