Privacy policies of 6OAM.COM under wise Information Technologies commit you to protect your personal information. We will not disclose any personal information to third party without your consent. With our policies you could customised your personal information and priority to hide a section of details. Ad how we use the information and for details privacy policies and for any query. Consumer could mail us on

We will give you answers about our privacy policies. With simple terms you could understand how we use the information and how much personal information we collect. How we protect and manage data with all security issues.

1) Information we collect from all the ways:

Wise information technologies private limited collect information from different way to make strong relation with our user. We collect user’s information, Visitors to our website. And In personal information included all data (emails, contact number, address, and name). Because we always want to keep in touch with our users, website visitors and all old and new consumer to make a healthy relation with that to satisfy them with our services. And to understand new trends of business and all need of consumer.

6OAM.COM collects information by different way:

Data collection provided by consumer:

In every deal with consumer, consumer have to give us some of basic details to complete the process of purchase services. On that point the consumer give us details like email, address, name, contact number. With that we could directly contact our consumer.

Automatically collected information by us:

Every time a consumer contact us for query, they have to give us basic information. Communication mode could be by mail or by call. 6OAM.Com will collect information by the interacting way like mobile number, email, operating system you use, type of mobile used. Whenever you interact with via internet, we collect you IP address.

2) How is Wise Information technologies use this information?

We use this information only for personal use to make a healthy relation with our consumer. When we understand that you in need of some extra services, we want to contact you for any change in policies or we want to offer you best deals that suits you, only then we use the information to contact you.

The Identifiable information use for the purpose of billings, or to complete any transaction service, which may you have requested to us. And to resolve your issues. We keep this information to update your services that better suits your need.

According to the agreement, 6OAM.COM use this information to contact you and keep updated the latest information. And if you do not want to receive these information, you could send us a mail to unsubscribe. We use your devices info, operating system you are using, IP. To offer you best deal according to your devices you are using.

If you unsubscribe our services in that case you will continue to receive the bills and your services related information to make better relation with us.

3) Disclosure of personal information

We understand that your personal information is our business assets. It have to be much protected. We keep these information highly confidential. Wise information Technologies do not share or sell your information without your written information. We take your permission verbally, written, by clicking on acceptance check box or by with your phone set button.

We use personally identifiable information in appropriate law with the permission in that included our agreements to sell our products, for any law order, protect our services with law from any allegation or fraud.

a) Disclosure of personal information to our partners and supporters:

Wise information Technologies Pvt Ltd. may share information with business partners and our services provider supporter to support your services. We use the information to verify your all credits with Wise information technologies to prevent any fraud or allegations. We may contact you for further information if observe in need of to make better services for you. And the all information about the user, our consumers and websites visitors may or sell in case of Merger of business or sale of company assets.

b) Share information with third parties:

We only share the information to complete the process of services provided to you or to complete the transaction you made. In some cases to provide a outsource support to our consumer and to maintain data on our websites. 6OAM.COM does not sell the business assets to the third party for any kind of profit. We understand your valuable information to keep confidential.

4) Total security of data:

We use some technical safe guard to protect our data on websites. Wise information technologies use protocols to restrict the unauthorised access. We strictly restrict the access to your personal identifiable information. For that Login account and logout facilities available to protect your personal information.

During the personal information transmission on wireless 6OAM.COM using the SSL software (secure sockets layer), which uses the encrypt procedure to protect your personal data so any restricted access will unable to see the data. Only you will enable to do change, to view the data.

Wise information Pvt ltd is not responsible of security and about privacy policies of other websites you are using, even if you have click on link of our company to buy a product from other websites.

5) How we use cookies:

Whenever a user login a website with a cookie utility for the first time, then a cookie is sent from server to the browser and kept with the browser in the local computer for further purpose. And when that user goes back to the same website to login, the website will identify the consumer because of the stored cookie with the consumer’s previous information. And we use these cookies to improve your use of our websites. With the cookie information, we are able to complete the transaction process of billing. And we are able to know which page or section of website are likely most popular. The time of cookie will terminate after you close the websites. But with the cookies information we are able to enhance our services time to time.

6) Policies to link of blogs, Social media and other forum:

Wise information technologies provides you access to other forum and but we are not responsible for the content you read or the information they stored with cookies, in that concern you have to follow their terms and policies. Our websites provide social media buttons like Facebook, google+ and twitter. These websites may collect your IP address for further information, or the page you may click. Your activity on those websites may be supported by third party. So we are not responsible for the services providing by these websites.

7) Recommendation facilities:

Wise information technologies allow you to refer our websites through different communication way. If you are happy with our services then you could use our referral programs. We will ask some information about proposed Consumer like personal details name, contact number, email-id to contact them. And we will store the information for further purpose or to track recommendation is successful or not.

8) Change in our policies:

With time to time, we are capable to minor change in our services policies. We will keep your concern in our mind and will inform you for any change. And we will assume of you acknowledge and acceptance of revised terms and policies. We will show the all changes and inform you with the process and for any major change company will take consumer consent in written.

9) Declaration:

We will announce the declaration about our consumer with name and basic details of company as identifying information. And we are capable to post some information for business purpose with your written consent. But if you want to remove it you could contact us.

10) Updating your information:

Our consumer are allow to change any time in their personal information. You could send us a mail on You could send us mail with basic details and the information you like to update. You could ask us to delete some part of information but all data delete process is not possible.

11) We like to hear you:

Wise Information Pvt ltd like to hear your advice for any concern. You could contact us on our address

WA-83A Mother Dairy Road, Shakarpur, New Delhi, India

6OAM reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notification. Consumer must read our terms / privacy policy / refund policy.

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